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InstaForex Company offers the unique opportunity of receiving the Welcome Bonus to a trading account. Every client can get 2 types of bonuses: Fixed Bonus (30/110/200/1000/5000 USD) and Welcome bonus 30% from deposit. The only condition: you can not request both types of the bonuses for same trading account.

We recommend you choose a 30% bonus because in addition to rapid processes (automatically added after filling out the form welcome bonus) also does not require verification of identity cards uploaded.

In order to receive the Welcome Bonus it is necessary to complete the registration procedure of live trading account and fill the application form for the Bonus receipt. Each of the mentioned above procedures is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.

I. Step Registration of a live account.

Registration of a live account is possible at the page "Opening of trading account". Any type of trading account is appropriate to the bonus receipt. In case, the client opens an account in non-USD currency, the Fixed Bonus will be converted into the currency of the account.

II. Step Depositing

For receiving the Fixed Bonus it is necessary to authorize a trading account by means of depositing:

  • not less than 100 USD – for Bonus 30 USD;
  • not less than 300 USD – for Bonus 110 USD;
  • not less than 800 USD – for Bonus 200 USD;
  • not less than 5000 USD – for Bonus 1000 USD to an account;
  • not less than 50000 USD – for Bonus 5000 USD to an account.

For getting the Welcome Bonus 30% your trading account must be opened after January 3, 2010.

III . Step To fill in the application - Application Filling-in

After the registration of a live account you will be suggested to follow the link of bonus type choosing page. Then you will have to fill in the application for one of chosen types of bonuses, specifying requested account data. Attention: for getting the Fixed Bonus it is necessary to upload scanned copy of your national ID or passport.

If you are already the owner of a replenished account, please, follow the link of the Welcome Bonus page.

IV. Step Crediting the Welcome Bonus to a trading account

During 24 hours as soon as the application form is filled in, the information is passed to the Bonus Charging Department, when this procedure is completed - the Fixed Bonus is credited to a trading account.

IV. Bonus can be Withdrawal

Bonuses can withdrawal with the following requirements :

The requirements for bonuses 30% deposit can be in withdrawal:

Bonus of 30% can only be withdrawn after the transaction is completed BUY or SELL. The total volume of transactions shall be equal to V x 3 Lot InstaForex, where V = volume of total bonus received.

Deposit 100 USD, bonus received is 30% x 100 USD = 30 USD
The number of total transaction volume for the bonus to the attraction: 30 x 3 = 90 Lot Instaforex

The requirements for Fixed Bonus deposit can be in withdrawal:

  • 100 lots InstaForex (10 market lots) - for the 30 $ bonus;
  • 330 lots InstaForex (33 market lots) - for 110 $ bonus;
  • 660 lots InstaForex (66 market lots) - up to 200 $ bonus;
  • 3300 lots InstaForex(330 market lots) - for 1000 $ bonus;
  • 15000 lots InstaForex (1500 market lots) - for 5000 USD bonus.